Multi-Techno Integrated Solution

Textile Industry

Multi-Techno ERP for your growing needs of Textile Industry!

Processes for Managing Construction Projects

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management

Clients can access point-by-point inventory data such as:

  • Stock awaiting shipment
  • Defect rate through Multi-Techno ERP system.
  • Eliminates the need for separate product variant inventory tables
  • It helps to extend the level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Raw material weight deviations can also be measured and recorded in the framework, i.e.
  • Consignment stock

CRM and Marketing

Sales departments can use the CRM functionality to manage:

  • Create Leads based on a number of specific criteria.
  • Prospects
  • Plan your activities.
  • All support inquiries, sales history, previous conversations, contacts, relevant documents and scheduled calls can be saved directly against customer records for efficient account management

Sales management system

  • Print the sales register
  • Maintain broad customer data
  • Create a shipping order from the depot shipping plan
  • Process a request for a quote
  • Create shipping orders from sales orders
  • Sales order processing
  • Automated calculation of net trade prices and measurable rates
  • Print daily inventory and sales statement
  • Print various other messages
  • Fully integrated with A/c receivables
  • Maintain price lists of finished products

Resource Management and Reporting

With coordination functions such as MRP, product configuration and workforce management, planners and organizers can effectively organize production resources, as all the required data will be coordinated into one ERP framework

Product matrices

Size, color and style matrices can be created in Win Man to help improve accuracy and efficiency. Clients can use matrices to categorize items and seamlessly drag and drop offers and stock reports.

ERP software in textiles

Multi-Techno ERP software is available in various textile industries. Like:

  • Multi-Techno ERP – software for home textiles
  • Multi-Techno ERP-software for spinning mills
  • Multi-Techno ERP-software for weaving mills
  • Multi-Techno ERP-software for textile processing plants

Advantages of ERP in textiles

ERP software is accessible to completely different divisions in textiles. Like:

  • Easy industry tracking
  • Compiling a report in an awfully short time
  • No chance to manipulate information
  • Time savings
  • Access is easier from any part of the world

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