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Multi-Techno is a Registered firm for ERP Softwares, Systems design and Implementation. We provide Best ERP Integrated Solutions.. Our system is an industry customized ERP designed for Manufacturing Construction, Textile Purchase, Imports, Inventory Sale, Export, HRMS, Payroll, Project Management Organizations.

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ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Modules

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the incorporated administration of principle business processes, regularly continuously and intervened by programming and innovation. ERP is normally alluded to as a classification of business ...

HR and Payroll Management System

HR and payroll management system automates an organization’s fundamental administrative duties. The primary function of this type of software is to transfer Because repetitive processes and filings into an information system. Payroll software makes.....

Manufacturing ERP Software and Solutions

Manufacturing ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software and systems. An ERP system brings all fundamental business processes into one database used o plan, manage, and deliver quality functions. It integrates them into a single system.....

Point of Sale Management System

The period a customer pays for products or services is known as the point of sale. With a POS system, that procedure will be safer and more efficient. Point of Sale Management System. at its most basic level, is comprised of hardware and software...

Inventory Management System

Purpose of Inventory Management is a vital component of your whole supply chain since it enables you to trace the buying, storage, and sale of your items at any particular moment in time. Once you can effectively track how much material you have where......

Purchase Management System

The practice of obtaining things from outside vendors is known as purchase management. It involves the ordering, receiving, evaluating, and approval of sales orders. In the Same Way. Managing the connection but with the supplier is also part of a purchase......

Construction and Project Management System

The construction and Project Management system process receives a massive quantity of data from the planning and procurement stages. As the size of plants grows greater, the amount of available data has increased With multi-techno Erp Implementation, you will be able....

Textile Management System

Textile Management System is a web system for textile manufacturers of various sorts. The Multi-Techno ERP system is simple to use, responsive, and stylish, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly. With teams, vendors, manufacturers, and production locations dispersed.....

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management Businesses use the Multi-techno fixed assets ERP software module to handle and Track Company fixed assets with enhanced flexibility and control. Fixed Assets ensure the optimal accounting and tax approaches for your asset base. Fixed assets should be valued.....

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