Multi-Techno Integrated Solution

Administration and Securities Management System

Administration and Securities Management System of Multi-techno ERP administrator software can control a system of physical and further virtual gates from a single place using security management. at the same instant, To gain a high level of insight into network behavior, it automates device configuration. Also, enforce global policies, view firewall traffic, and produce reports. moreover, It can provide a unified administration interface for physical and virtual systems. further, Administrators require network security management solutions.


Features of Administration and Securities Management System

Forms will be added to the system. further, Like sale form, purchase form, cash form, etc. After that, the form selection process starts to make menus. In the same way, every system contains its own details i.e. transaction form has all the information about a transaction. further, the Erp system has these features by which you can maintain your business menus.

Menu Creation

You may customize menu access for specific users. further, To meet users’ needs, different menus are created. further, If anybody wants to get a sale, purchase and some other.  Then, they can get from menu creation. Menus are a technique of communicating the establishment’s characteristics to the client. A well-designed menu allows the client to participate in the right System.

User Responsibility

User Responsibility shows an overview of the module. further, walks users through the many stages required in configuring. as well as, After menu selection, the responsibilities of users are added. further, This describes the user as a complete guide about his responsibility regarding his task. further, The multi-Techno securities management system maintains the computer’s security controls at all times. In like manner, You can create roles and responsibilities for users. In like manner, You provide them with activities on the administration panel.

User Rights

User rights are assigned at the device level when responsibilities are clear and identified. further, It will allow users to conduct operations on the device or in the domain. In like manner, Login credentials and permissions are examples of user rights. In like manner, Rights are a way for software to manage and regulate access to the specified system and device capabilities. further, This can be done by excellent software solutions like Multi-Techno.

User Management

You can create a new user in user management and can give access to specific modules you want to give. further, Administrators can offer permissions and manage their access. And govern their accounts using user management. A user management system is a basic kind of security that is an integral aspect of identity and access management (IAM). Authorization solutions, in turn, keep track of users in an active directory. In like manner, That is useful for things like service management, HR, and security.

Backup and Restore Management

You can move the Administration System from one system to another. Without losing data by using data backup. When shifting the Administration Server database to another device. Important user files can be back up. The Multi-Techno Erp system solves your problem of Backup and restore your important data.

Documents Approval

Business software plays an important role in every manner. Your company has papers that need to be authorized or signed off on by relevant stakeholders. To guarantee that papers are correct and recorded promptly. An approval process requires. When it comes to security and inspection reports issued by your systems, this is very important. The three key features of a secure document approval process:

  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Auditability

Visibility + Control + Auditability = Secure Processes

Benefits of Administration Software

  • All of the data is keep safe using the program
  • Improves security against cyber-attacks
  • Reduces the cost of security
  • Improves the work environment at the organization
  • Protect data’s security, integrity, and accessibility
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