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Revolutionize Your Textile Manufacturing Operations

Streamline your textile manufacturing operations globally with our simple, stylish, and responsive web-based Textile Management System powered by Multi-Techno ERP.

Tracking Status and Streamlining Workflows

Stay on top of orders and enhance productivity with our streamlined order management system.


Work Order

Efficiently track and manage your work orders with our comprehensive work order report.


Features of Textile Management System

Operations and Routing

The organization of the manufacturing process is defined by a route. In other words, it establishes the sequence of events. An operation, such as Assembly, indicates a named stage in a path. Even so, the same operation might occur numerous times in various paths, with distinct operation numbers. Furthermore, ERP implementation by Multi-techno helps in operating and routing.

Bill of material

The term Bill of Material refers to a list of raw materials used in the production of textiles. Finally, the bill of material is the responsibility of a garment seller. Following the confirmation of a garments export order. Moreover, the product sales company or factory marketer enters the product’s details into the Bill of Material software provided by the buying merchandiser.

Dyeing Recipe

Many textile industries have Dyeing Recipe Management System Software developed. The majority of textiles have a dying section. The center of the dyeing process is the recipe. Dye recipes are organized in the Erp software of a dyeing recipe management system.   As a result, automatic recipe management is critical for greater effectiveness in the dyeing system.

Work order

After the manufacturing order, the work order generates. Basically, a work order is a document that has all the details about the order according to the operation. Your maintenance operation’s engine is work orders. They assist everyone from production engineers to workers in organizing, allocating, prioritizing, tracking, and completing Production activities.
Manufacturing reports

Manufacturing order

It is a type of order that is required to produce things and is divided into two categories: internal order and contractual order. Manufacturing guidelines are used to create the manufacturing order. Textile management system by multi-techno offers you that services.

Production planning

Production planning is an organizational procedure that takes place within a production company. To ensure that enough raw materials, workers, and other essential goods are bought and available. To generate final products according to the timetable.

Manufacturing reports

Our Manufacturing ERP module includes several reports that may be used to track Work Order status, production analytics, and BOM reports. You may include a chart in any of these reports to provide a graphic image.

Invoice and packing list

The usage of packing slip to indicate the real products received. Whereas an invoice is the order’s fiscal record, giving information. Such as the price of each product, payment conditions, transaction fee, the weight of the product, CBM, date, etc.

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