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Efficient Sales Management: Multi-Techno ERP Solution

Multi-Techno’s sales management system software enables sales staff to work together and simplifies everyday tasks. You may improve cooperation and reduce boring admin activities. In the same way, you can, in the end, meet your sales goals by using ERP to perform a sales management system.

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Order to Cash Cycle of Sale Management System


How Does It Work?

A sales management system is a tool that helps a sales department reach its aim. Multi-techno Erp Software of Sales Management may be used by sales managers to track data. Remove executive work and issue leads. Client data may be saved on the action plan, making sales and marketing reporting simple.

Process of Sale Management System

Sale management system software may help you observe your leads more expertly because this is important for growing your sales process. Your sales management process must scale up as your business grows. This is simple to complete with a flexible process developer integrated into your sales management application. Having a procedure in place allows sales professionals to stay focused while hoping since they know what to do at each stage of the sales pipeline.

Cost Sheet

A cost sheet is a summary that lists the many parts of a product’s overall cost. Multi-techno solutions offer to create a cost sheet in its Erp software. The cost sheet is used to decide a product’s best-selling price. A cost sheet file can be made with historical or predicted costs. It includes the essential inventory and other expenses like prime, conversion, factory, operational, and FOH costs. Cost sheets are reference sheets used by business managers to control buying and production expenses. The total cost of the product is included in a cost sheet statement. It is helpful because it can show where a firm spends money. Also, as to how much it earns and where it loses money. Companies use software to make cost sheets.

Sale Order

The Sale Order record lists all items, prices, offers, credits, and quantities a single consumer has ordered. A sales quotation is frequently generated until a customer can request an official purchase.

Delivery Challan

A delivery challan is a paperwork used to move items that are purchased. It will be created as an after-sale order, and then the process will be taken as a sale invoice is generated. As it comprises information on the objects that are delivered or transported. Such as the number of goods, the delivery address, etc.

Sale invoice

A business document that lists the items, costs, discounts, payments, and amounts that the business sold to the consumer. A receipt may be obtained once the consumer has completed payment on the invoice.


Only after the items have been delivered or the service has been done. The receipts are issued after-sale invoices when the supplier will get the product. Companies may need to give complete tickets in various instances. Whenever it occurs, the outstanding amount is usually indicated on the receipt.

Essential Advantages of Sales Management System

You desire your salespeople to waste less time on manual data input and more time explaining to customers as a sales manager. Here are some advantages of business software Sales Management System

  • Save Time
  • Exceeding Sales Goals
  • Keep Your Network Up-to-Date
  • further Workflow Automation
  • further, Improve Communication and collaboration

Why choose the Multi-Techno ERP system?

  • It’s simple to scale up further as your business expands.
  • It has excellent features, and additionally, it is highly customizable.
  • Service is available in real-time via Erp software.
  • Furthermore, Complex selling procedures are made more accessible.

Sales play a crucial role at the bottom of every business’s funnel. And it’s vital for you, as a sales agent, to have the correct process in place to convert the leads. Further, your marketing team has forwarded it to you. We have compiled a list of captious features to help organizations significantly enhance their Sales Results.

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