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Enterprise Recourse Planning - ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is built for fast-growing companies. The platform offers a scalable interface equipped with everything you need from financial management and inventory management to payment processing and vendor management

ERP systems track business resources, cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments. Below mentioned modules are available for completion of that purposes:

Multi-Techno - Point of Sale POS Software

Point of sale - POS

A POS system is used to conduct sales at brick & mortar and ecommerce stores.

Gone are those days when retailers used a cash register to process sales after which the data was transferred to accounts and stock list. Today, with the help of a retail POS software you can simplify your billing, promotions, returns and much more.

The point of sale system can be integrated with your other systems and software such as ecommerce platforms, accounting apps, ERP and warehouse systems.

A full-featured enterprise POS system can handle sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and robust integrations.

POS is available in following industries:

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Multi-Techno - ERP Implementation Process
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