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Purchase Management System

The practice of obtaining things from outside vendors is known as purchase management. Further, It involves the ordering, receiving, evaluating, and approval of sales orders. In the Same Way, Managing the connection with the supplier is also part of a purchase management system. For the most part, Multi-Techno has the solution for your business.

Order to Pay Cycle

Account Payable System

Features of Purchase Management System

  • Vendor Definition
  • Contractor Define
  • Sale Tax Define
  • W.H.T Define
  • Purchase Requisition Report
  •  Purchase Requisition Status   Report
  •  RFQ Report
  •  Quotation Report
  •  Purchase Order Report
  •  Status Report
  •  Summary Report
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Request for Quotation
  • Quotation Approval
  • Purchase Order
  • Material received note
  • Material inspection Note
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Purchase Return

Benefits of Purchase Management System

  • Reduces human error
  • Saves time and money
  • Control purchases
  • Improves purchases management accuracy
  • Identifies your best vendors and customers
  • User friendly

Procedure of Purchase

The purchasing process is usually organized in a cycle, with each stage necessitating the exchange of data and numerous permissions to proceed. because every company will have its special touches, but in general, the purchase process follows a well-defined sequence of actions.

Purchase Requisition

A purchase requisition is a document that an employee submits to their business’s financial department to request authorization to acquire products or services from outside the company.

Multi-Techno offers you the ERP software for your business.

Request for Quotation

A request for a quote is a procedure in which a business invites outside vendors and suppliers. moreover to submit bids on certain products or services.

It is, in general, an inquiry for the pricing of the products you know you want. moreover, the Multi techno ERP software gives you that feature for your clients.

Quotation Approval

The purchase requisition is now sent to the person in charge of PO approvals by the original employee. by the time It could be the owner’s boss or someone further up the corporate ladder. moreover, You move on to the next phase in the procedure at this instant if the request is approved.

Purchase Order

In a buying system of Multi Techno ERP software, a purchase order number is issued to a requisition once it is approved, and also it is transmitted to the vendor. especially This independent document starts the sales process and serves as a legally enforceable contract for all parties concerned.

  Order Number

The Order number issued to the requisition is usually the same as the request number, and further, they are stored together.

Receipt Note

The physical transfer of items into the warehouse from external suppliers refer to as goods receiving. moreover, It always adds to your warehouse’s supply of items. You may organize and execute your product receipts, as well as keep track of the stock of materials that have been order and produce.

Inspection Note

An inspection is a process that involves measuring, inspecting, testing, or assessing one or more qualities of a product and further comparing the findings to stated standards to determine if that feature is conformed to.

GRN (Goods Receipt Note)

A Goods Received Note (GRN) is a statement that certifies a customer’s receipt of goods. the first thing to remember. It’s also referred to as a delivery note and is used to prove the transport of that product and that the consumers have received them. Furthermore, GRN is used by both suppliers and consumers to compare order and delivery quantities.

Avoid Fraud

To avoid fraud or error, firms utilize the ERP implementation by GRN as the supporting document in certain situations. for the most part Accounting departments will need it to track inventory transfers from one location to another. further, You can buy that ERP system from Multi-Techno.

Bottom Line

Multi-Techno the best ERP solutions give you a complete solution for your purchase management. furthermore, Contact of Multi-Techno for obtaining Purchase management and account payable systems.

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