Multi-Techno Integrated Solution


Streamline Operations and Enhance Productivity

Enhance Your Manufacturing Efficiency with ERP Management: Integrate Processes and Optimize Operations on a Single Platform.

Manufacturing ERP Management

Manufacturing ERP streamlines business operations by integrating all fundamental processes into a centralized platform, improving efficiency and productivity.


Flow Chart of Manufacturing ERP

Multi-Techno - Production Process Flow

Features of Manufacturing ERP

  • Project Define
  • Work center define
  • Operation define
  • Routings
  • BOM Management
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Work Orders
  • Production plan & control
  • Gate inward
  • Work Orders
  • Batching
  • Dispatch to Party
  • Cost centers
  • Quality Control
  • Production Expense Report
  • Daily production Report
  • Department Wise Production Report
  • Waste report
  • Quality Reports
  • Each Dept Stock Level
  • PPC status
  • Separate P and Loss for Dept.
  • Separate Balance sheet For Dept

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Productive Enhancement
  • 24\7 Customer Support
  • Estimating Organizational Metrics
  • Immediately Available for Reporting
  • Availability for Competitive Advantage
  • Data Analysis Efficiently
  • Adaptability to Changes
  • Helping IT Activities

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