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Account Payable System

Accounts Payable System (APS) is the word used when a company buys things on credit and has to pay them back quickly. Moreover, It is recorded as a liability in bookkeeping and comes under the heading of payables. To prevent default, Account Payable is a financial instrument that must be paid on time. further, The software’s also available for account payable. Account payable software of Multi-Techno Erp system has a full supply chain solution.

Order to Pay Cycle

Account Payable System

Account Payable System refers to the set of policies, procedures, and practices employed by a company with respect to managing its trade credit purchases. In summary, they consist of seeking trade credit lines, acquiring favorable terms of purchase, and managing the flow and timing of purchases so as to efficiently control the company’s working capital.

  • Sales Tax Definition
  • WHT Definition
  • Payment Terms
  • Purchase Invoice 
  • Prepayment
  • Debit Memo
  • Credit Memo
  • Invoice Payment
  • Invoice Summary Report of Purchase
  • Prepayment Party Wise
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Ledger
  • Vendor and Invoice Wise Aging
  • Aging Summary
  • Payment Register
  • Summary
  • WHT Party Wise
  • Sales Tax Summary

Features of Accounts Payable System

Standard invoice

A standard invoice is a concise paperwork that is used to bill for the products or services you have given. further, It would include a description of the item or service, pricing, acceptable payment methods, and delivery dates for the invoice.

Debit memo

A debit memo statement is a form, of paperwork that notifies a buyer that the seller is debiting or raising its amount. In accounts payable, hence raising the number of the buyer’s accounts payable due to extreme circumstances.

Credit memo

A credit memo is a short form of a memorandum, which is a statement delivered by a supplier of goods or services to the customer that reduces the amount due to the seller under the conditions of a previous invoice.


Prepayments are payments that are paid in advance to the supplier. When invoices process completed by a company in the improvement of receiving products or services. Then the prepayment will be cleared with consideration of the procedure.

Cash invoice

Small company owners are particularly fond of cash invoicing. A cash invoice is a statement of a selling transaction that occurred, and it is issued when the payment system is cash.

Payable invoice

A firm that invoices its consumer for the purchase of products and finally the services through invoice is referred to as ‘Payable by Invoice. It generates after the GRN number. moreover, the invoice contains crucial information such as the price for goods received and services performed. As well as additional charges, company data, and a due date.

Withholding tax invoice

A withholding tax is sometimes known as a retention tax. further, it is a legal requirement that requires the payer of the client. Further, invoice to withhold or reduce the tax from the payment and remit it to the state.


Payment is made on the basis of invoices of products, and services that have been decided upon by all parties concerned. Furthermore, payments can be made in cash, cheque, wire transfer, line of credit, direct debit, post-dated cheque, etc.

Accounts Payable Perks: Given these points

  • Savings of time
  • Invoicing at a low cost
  • Improved understanding
  • Anti-fraud measures
  • Auditing is simple.
  • Connecting to existing systems
Account Payable system Aging Report

The purpose of the report is to provide visual help to the user in identifying which bills are past due. Moreover, it’s especially important when a company’s revenue wants to keep track of whose payables aren’t being paid on time. Moreover, the Multi-Techno Erp module was responsible for the best possible service to your business.

Given these points

  • Supplier aging report

The Supplier Aging report lists the outstanding vendor balances. moreover, which may be categorized by date interval or aging period description.

  • Supplier ledger

All transactions connected to every Supplier are recorded in the Supplier ledgers. further, Including all invoices produced paid from the beginning.

  • Unpaid invoices report

The Multi-Techno services give an Unpaid Invoice report solution that automates the process, allowing you to spend less time. Moreover the Tracking down unpaid bills and more time concentrating on what matters most.

  • Supplier closing report

This report displays the balance for a single item of opening and closing. further, The details of suppliers are saved in ERP Multi-Techno software with the principal supplier and item ID that are used to sort the listings.

  • Supplier invoices 

A supplier invoice is a bill that a seller sends to a client for products delivered further services is done.  It lists the products and services sold to a client, as well as any payroll taxes and shipping costs spent during the transaction.

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