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Fixed Asset Management

Elevate asset control with Multi-Techno ERP. Streamline Fixed Asset Management for precise tracking and automated reporting.

Optimize Asset Management with Multi-Techno ERP Software

Effective Fixed Asset Management (FAM) in business operations is paramount for organizations seeking enhanced flexibility and control over their asset base. Multi-Techno’s cutting-edge ERP software module for Fixed Asset Management provides businesses with robust tools to handle and track company assets, ensuring optimal accounting practices and compliance with tax regulations. This comprehensive guide delves into the features, processes, and benefits of Fixed Asset Management, shedding light on how businesses can leverage technology for streamlined operations.


Features of Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management, as an integral part of the accounting process, serves multiple purposes, including financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft prevention. Organizations often face challenges tracking their fixed assets, including location, quantity, condition, maintenance history, and depreciation status. Multi-Techno’s Fixed Asset Management module addresses these challenges, providing a structured approach to managing and maintaining assets.

  • Asset Category: Classify assets for better organization.
  • Sub Category: Further refine asset classification based on specific criteria.
  • Code and Properties Definition: Define unique codes and properties for accurate asset identification.
  • Auto Depreciation: Automate the depreciation process for accurate financial reporting.
  • Value Increase and Decrease: Easily adjust asset values based on changes.
  • Asset List by Category and Subcategory: Comprehensive lists for efficient asset tracking.
  • Value Report: Detailed reports on the current value of assets.
  • Depreciation Plan: Visualize the depreciation schedule for planning purposes.
  • Moving Report: Track assets that have been relocated.
  • Capitalized Fixed Asset Management: Efficient management of assets acquired for production, services, or leasing.
Capitalization of Fixed Assets

Assets that contribute to revenue generation, such as those used for production or services, are capitalized. Multi-Techno’s Fixed Asset Management facilitates the registration and entry of assets into the company’s fixed asset list. It distinguishes these assets from regular expenditures by considering their ongoing benefits beyond the year of purchase.

Transfer or Lend Fixed Assets

Asset transfers within departments or locations are shared in business operations. Multi-Techno’s ERP software Accommodates these transfers seamlessly, whether assets are moved to a different location or transferred to a low-value pool as their value decreases.

Revalue Fixed Assets Management

The Revaluation process involves restating the costs of assets based on their actual worth. This approach ensures accurate financial statements, considering inflation and total asset costs over time. Multi-Techno’s ERP system enables businesses to conduct revaluation, providing a more realistic representation of asset values.

Split Fixed Assets

In specific scenarios, assets need to be split into parts. Multi-Techno’s ERP system allows for dividing assets into a defined number of new investments and distributing the costs of the original help among the newly created records.

Depreciate or Amortize Fixed Assets

Depreciation and amortization calculations are integral to the Fixed Asset module. Multi-Techno’s software supports various methods for calculating depreciation, including straight-line, declining balance, sum-of-the-year digits, and production units. The system automates these calculations monthly and yearly, aiding in precise financial reporting.

The four methods for calculating depreciation:

  1. Straight-line
  2. Declining balance
  3. Sum-of-the-year digits
  4. Units of production.

Dispose of or Retire Fixed Assets

Multi-Techno’s ERP software records the disposal value permanently when a fixed asset is sold or disposed of. The system calculates and reports gains or losses associated with the disposal, providing accurate financial insights.

Benefits of Adopting a Fixed Asset Software

  1. Better Organization of Asset Data: Centralized asset information management.
  2. Detailed Asset Record Organization: Enhanced categorization and tracking.
  3. Timely Reports and Orderly Papers: Streamlined reporting processes and organized documentation.
  4. Maintenance of Assets in Good Working Order: Efficient preventive maintenance.
  5. Automated Asset Transfers: Simplified handling of asset transfers between departments or locations.
  6. Easy Handling of Change Requests: Efficient processing of change requests related to assets.
  7. Automated Depreciation Calculations: Accurate and automated depreciation calculations for precise financial reporting.

In conclusion, adopting Fixed Asset Management through Multi-Techno’s ERP software ensures compliance with accounting standards and operational efficiency in handling the complete lifecycle of fixed assets. From acquisition to disposal, the system provides businesses the tools to make informed decisions, automate processes, and maintain optimal control over their valuable assets.

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