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ERP Modules in
Business Processes

ERP Modules

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated rule of principle business processes, which regularly and continuously involves programming and inventing new things. Even so, ERP Modules are generally alluded to as a business classification. Equally important is the executives’ programming, usually a set-up of incorporated applications. Primarily, the association can be used to gather, store, make due, and solve information from many business exercises.


Features of the Proposed ERP Modules System

     Given these Points


Description of The Features of The System is as Follows:

Another key Point

Moreover, System to be developed in Oracle 12c database Oracle 11g Forms, and  Oracle Report Developer


The Rule module allows you to control the operation of the Business Process and manage all users and groups. Moreover, this chapter describes how to start the Business process and explores the rules interface. It covers the base data linked to the other modules for transactional purposes. Its main features include: Given these Points

  • User Management
  • Responsibility Define
  • Backup and Restore Management
  • Change Password
  • Documents Approval

Key System Strengths

The system will be implemented in Oracle 11g and 12c databases.

Enhanced Business Reporting: Given these Points
  • Better reporting tools with real-time information
  • A single source of truth, one integrated database for all business processes
Better customer service: Given these Points
  • Better access to customer information
  • Faster response times
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Order Accuracy
Improved Inventory Costs: Given these Points
  • Only carry as much inventory as needed, avoid these common issues
  • Too much stock and higher overhead costs
  • Too little list and longer customer fulfillment times
Boosted Cash Flow: Given these Points
  • Better invoicing and better collections tools to bring cash in faster
  • Faster cash means more cash on hand for the business
Cost Savings: Given these Points

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