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Cash Management System

Cash Management Software Integrates seamlessly with ERP
and accounting systems, offering precise forecasts and efficient payment management
for organizations seeking clarity and ease of use.

Integrated Cash Management Solutions by Multi-Techno

Multi-techno develops cash management software with unique qualities closely related to the client’s goals. Further, ERP, accounting systems, bank balances, and petty cash management are all integrated with cash management systems and software. Furthermore, It is based on precise cash management forecasts and efficient cash payment management. Even so, Organizations demand consistent, clear, and easy software. Further, You can get the perfect ERP module from Multi-Techno Integrated Solution.

Features of Cash Management System

Cash management refers to a broad area of finance involving cash collection, handling, and usage. Further, Cash management systems and services for managing liquidity, account balances, payments, and other cash management functions. You can monitor, predict, and manage cash using customizable reports. Moreover, All of this happens in real-time to support the most accurate decision-making.


  • Banks Definition
  • Cheque Book Definition


  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Online Slip Transfer
  • Collection and Routs


  • Cash Inflow Outflow
  • Bank Inflow Outflow
  • Bank Inflow Outflow Summary

Banks Define Cash Management System

Multi-Techno provides a cash and bank account opening form in which you add all the information about the banks. Furthermore, Cash management software facilitates transaction administration. Moreover, it Enables users to open a bank account in the software. Also, it allows consumers to connect digitally.


Cheque Book Define

A chequebook is intended and designed to make writing checks easier for businesses. Further, You can open a chequebook in the software and fill out a form in the software for your specific function. Moreover, It keeps track of every tab of a cheque issued by the Bank. Also, it’s made to make chequebooks for many banks by creating a demand for a particular bank cheque.

Cash in Outflow Statement

Cash-in and cash-out details are presented as a statement in cash flow management. Further, By indicating how the money went in and out of the firm, the idea of cash flows provides the connection between the financial reports.

Bank in Outflow Statement

On the other hand, banks are not required to prepare a cash flow statement as part of an individual liquidation of accounts under this statement. Despite this, some banks provide a cash flow statement in their yearly reports and separate termination of funds by using Cash Management Services.

Cash in Outflow Summary

All cash flow statements are included in the cash in and outflow summary. Further, It shows the cash flow report and details of the company’s cash inflows and outflows over a specified period. Moreover, It reveals if the income statement’s revenues have been fully received.

Bank in Outflow Summary

All Bank’s in and outflow details are included in the summary section. So that the data can be analyzed and evaluated anytime. Furthermore, As a business grows, there is a need to maintain increasing volumes of data on financial transactions easily. Moreover, cash planning services are used in banks.

Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement controls the inflow and outflow of cash inside an organization. Moreover, Companies use cash flow to keep their cash flow positive and estimate future cash flow. Further, It is based on investing, financial, and operating activities.

  • Operating Activity: An organization’s primary revenue-generating operations and other operations. That is not investing or financing.
  • Financing Activity: Any cash flows resulting from changes in the amount and mix of the entity’s allocated equity capital or bank debt.
  • Investing Activity: Any cash flows not used in cash and equivalents from the buying and selling of lengthy 

Bank Reconciliation Statement

A bank reconciliation balances an entity’s bank account with its business statements by summarizing banking and commercial activities. The report details the deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions in a bank account over a given period.


  • Tracking your cash
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Compliance and security
  • Make more informed financial choices.
  • Reduce overhead costs

Multi-Techno can help you design, implement, and maintain a robust cash management system.

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