Multi-Techno Integrated Solution

Services Industries Solutions

Multi-Techno ERP enables you to resource your business and manage service delivery.

Unlocking Success: Comprehensive ERP Software Integration Across Diverse Industries

Multi-Techno ERP offers a seamless solution for Services Industries optimizing financial operations and analyzing business performance throughout the entire service organization. In the face of unique challenges such as profit-driven growth, competitive management, and large-scale transitions in the people and project-driven services sector, Multi-Techno stands as the solution. By streamlining every business operation, it tailors a customized solution to meet the specific needs of each professional service organization.

With features spanning accounts and finance, cash and bank management, sales, HR and payroll, business intelligence, Project Management, and assets management, Multi-Techno ERP provides comprehensive control over resources and projects, configurable planning, seamless data integration, improved delivery models, and enhanced reporting capabilities. Experience centralized customer data, interlinked departments, and efficient management of invoice, billing, and order processes.


Asset-making arrangements for the Services Industries accompany an exceptional understanding of difficulties driving development with benefit, supervising serious rivalry, and enormous scope moves well defined for individuals and venture-driven administration.

Services Industries Arrangement 

Multi-Techno assists you with smoothing out each business activity by fostering a custom-made arrangement that fits the particular necessities of every specific expert administration association.



  • Accounts & Finance 
  • Cash and bank management 
  • Sales
  • HR & Payroll 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Project Management 
  • Assets Management


  • Complete control of resources and projects 
  • Comprehensive supervision of projects 
  • Configurable planning and scheduling 
  • Seamless data integration 
  • Improved delivery model 
  • Third-party integration 
  • Visibility of key operations 
  • Info-rich reporting 
  • Centralized customer data 
  • Interlinked departments 
  • Invoice, billing, and order process management

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